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Hello everyone,

I'm Kara Lee, yumiyoshi here on LJ and sputnikhearts on DW.

As some of you know, Book #53 was planned to be the last issue of The Book of Imaginary Beasts. However, I have the happy honor of saying that I am taking over the reins of this phoenix from lilacfields, the previous editor-in-chief!

I personally got my start in fiction publication right here at Imaginary Beasts. I would never have sold a single word of fiction had I not been encouraged in this wonderful space.

I will be making some changes, however, including a website (under construction) that will mirror the LJ content. I'm also planning to pay content contributors going forward! I aim to draw more attention--both contributors and readership--to our little zine. I love the incredible stories and art that have been published here over the years, and I want my role to include elevating all your hard work.

Thank you for coming along on this journey so far, and please stay tuned for future announcements.
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