so much love


Hello everyone,

I'm Kara Lee, yumiyoshi here on LJ and sputnikhearts on DW.

As some of you know, Book #53 was planned to be the last issue of The Book of Imaginary Beasts. However, I have the happy honor of saying that I am taking over the reins of this phoenix from lilacfields, the previous editor-in-chief!

I personally got my start in fiction publication right here at Imaginary Beasts. I would never have sold a single word of fiction had I not been encouraged in this wonderful space.

I will be making some changes, however, including a website (under construction) that will mirror the LJ content. I'm also planning to pay content contributors going forward! I aim to draw more attention--both contributors and readership--to our little zine. I love the incredible stories and art that have been published here over the years, and I want my role to include elevating all your hard work.

Thank you for coming along on this journey so far, and please stay tuned for future announcements.

[Poll] IB in 2015

Happy 2015, all!

The management has been thinking to change a couple of things on IB. Nothing really major, and we hope the changes would encourage more people to submit. First, we need to hear your opinions.

1. Do you want IB to remain bimonthly? Or would you rather it's a quarterly zine so you can find more time to write/draw?

2. Instead of being given a certain theme to work with, you include a certain element (angels, the beach, etc) in your story/art. How do you feel about this? Or do you prefer the old theme list?

Let us know in the comments! Any other question, just shoot.