Pei Yi (lacewood) wrote in imaginarybeasts,
Pei Yi

BOOK #1: Imaginary Beasts

cover: winterlit


The 'zine was originally conceived to act as an alternative channel to the really awesome bb_shousetsu, run primarily by petronia. The Book of Imaginary Beasts's main focus is on genre, from fantasy to science fiction to ghost stories and murder mysteries. On the imaginary things inside all of us, really.

And given the name of the 'zine, Imaginary Beasts looked like the best theme to kick things off with. Pei Yi could babble vaguely that imaginary beasts are just cool while Eve tells you random stories about watching the clouds through an airplane window, but in the end, we think all of us have imaginary things inside us waiting to be let loose.

As the story, The House on Fifth Street would tell us, it's imagination, not just reason, that keeps us alive and wanting to be alive. Meghan's charming School of Seven Wonders also shows us that things are all around us, mysterious things, sometimes even haunting and frightening. What lies in our imagination is not necessarily happy, just a world of our own making.

And simply, everything imaginary in your mind becomes real when you write it down. And it stops being imaginary when other people believe in it. We want people to believe in unicorns and dragons and fauns, in the creeping and bloody horrors of our nightmares. And perhaps, to believe that The Book of Imaginary Beasts is more than the over-ambitious reachings of a deluded reader, but a book, one that grows from the imagination and is made real by our belief.

- Eve and Pei Yi

PS. And of course all the writers would really appreciate comments on their hard work so don't forget to say something if you're reading! XD

the house on fifth street by kelsey l. h.
the legendary spiny cat of london by sheldrake
the wind on the sea by flamebyrd
just breathe by roselia grimm
natural selection by jaz templet
listen closely by ruri-chan
the sun roads by pei yi
school of seven wonders by meg

the faun by jessa
untitled (cover art) by winterlit

red by winterlit

editors: derlirum, evilesque, farli and hecatehatesthat
Tags: books

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