Pei Yi (lacewood) wrote in imaginarybeasts,
Pei Yi

BOOK #3: Cyberpunk

cover: redplasticglass

begin: broadcast
When cyberpunk began, it was a dystopic vision of a world, and humanity, overrun by technology, massive corporations and corrupt governments. More than twenty years after the genre first arose, it's come a long way from its beginnings - become a little more mainstream, a little less pessimistic. Or has it?

As digital technology evolves warp-speed style, and the corporate world grows ever more massive and insidious, what used to be a wild vision of a possible future is starting to look the nightmare just moved into the house two doors down. Sometimes the most frightening thing about the imagination is the possibility that it'll become real. We might not have the virtal reality that cyberpunk dreams of, but who's to say we won't get there someday? What will it mean when we do? Cyberpunk is one way we try to find out. And anyway, it's got black leather. Antiestablishmentarianism. Rebels with causes, punks, hackers, outcasts from the system. Cautionary, profound prophecies on the future of the human race aside, it's got badassery in spades. Why not sit back and enjoy the ride?

With The Book of Imaginary Beasts Book #3, 7 writers and 4 artists explore some very different perspectives on the world-that-could-be, from the good, the paranoid, to the ugly. To steal a line from the Matrix, buckle your seat belt, Dorothy. THIS AIN'T KANSAS NO MORE. And it doesn't look much like Oz either. XD

- Pei Yi and Eve

editors for this issue: hecatehatesthat and phoenixgold

imperfect by istoria
how the light by pei yi
what you need by jaz templet
character shield by hazard_us
dragonvirus by thornsmoke
you can only live twice by diamond dazzler
les aveugles by winterlit

one night in kowloon (cover art) by redplasticglass
raider by lauren
organic by tammy lee
mugshot by yaya

end: transmission

editors: hecatehatesthat and phoenixgold
Tags: books

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