Pei Yi (lacewood) wrote in imaginarybeasts,
Pei Yi

Book #06: Fairy Tales

cover: wen

shangri la by e, art by jackie

little glass deaths by thornsmoke
lady, waiting by e. winter
the path to companionship by kohane
the princess and the fallen star by h bright
the story of the cat and the crane by whitecat
the cherry tree and the boy by flamebyrd
a kiss for you to wake by n. kaouthia, art by cruzle
roseabelle and thorin by a. h. m.
an egg as big as twenty by hazard_us
appetites by akaVertigo
devil's heart by tammy lee, art by tammy lee
borrowed skin by beth winter
mirror must out by suki langdon
rapunzel by tokyofish
seafoam by mellish
generations by lynn
guido by ravenbell, art by redplasticglass

even the sun and moon ache for us by wen
fish can fly, birds don't drown by sasa
fairies by jackie
wiseling by yue ix
la belle et la bete by kytha
you know how it goes by kim

spindle's worth by roselia grimm

editors: derlirum, evilesque, farli, hecatehatesthat, phoenixgold, sub_divided
Tags: books

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