Pei Yi (lacewood) wrote in imaginarybeasts,
Pei Yi

Book #08: Gendertwist

cover: sasa

cirocco by vee h. hariri
every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man by usagi anami
dress up by cleo/istoria
a prince(ss) and a gentleman by flamebyrd
laid the unsprung trap with bait by whitecat, art by olukemi
let he who is without name by thornsmoke
the second storey men by xahra99
danse macabre - making it official by melayneseahawk
acceptance by kizoke
old demons by pei yi, art by winterlit

the shore's gift by sasa
ties vs. high-heel shoes by jackie
xyxx by jorby alano

editors: derlirum, hecatehatesthat and sub_divided
Tags: books

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